Friday, April 3, 2015


Wawa Markets, the Florida based chain of stores that also has some properties in New Jersey, is aiming for a site in Maplewood on Springfield Avenue near Chancellor Avenue.
Eric Steinfeldt of The Ferber Company in Basking Ridge is organizing the deal for Wawa, which plans to buy the empty space and construct a 5,500 square-foot store with five gasoline pumps that will operate 24 hours per day.

If approved and built, it would be the fifth 24-hour store in town, along with Quick Chek, just two blocks away, and three 7-11 stores.

“The distinction between a Wawa and everyone’s convenience store, it is rock star quality, everything is made to order,” Steinfeldt said. “Our plan would be to demo everything, completely clear it out, and construct the facility as you see.”

(The plans, supplied by Steinfeldt, are below)

“We’ll do the demo and it will be a land lease,” he said. “Wawa will construct it on the site and lease land from Ferber.”

Wawa did not return calls seeking comment. The project would require the same demolition and site review approvals as other businesses, from both the planning board and the Township Committee.

“We’re hoping to get through the township (approvals) in the next six months, construction would begin this fall and it takes approximately six to nine months to construct,” Steinfeldt said.

He said the store would open in the summer of 2016.