Monday, November 30, 2015


It's been more than two weeks since the much-hyped education summit was held at Columbia High School.

During the event that drew thousands of parents, students, and staff, Superintendent John Ramos vowed that the notes and highlights from each of the dozens of topic sessions would be available online for review for 30 days.

And that residents would be able to "continue the conversation" online with comment and questions.

The main district webpage offers this teaser inviting such access:

Education Summit Topics and Notes - The Conversation Continues 

The 1500 people who participated in the Education Summit on November 10th shared a host of insightful ideas, suggestions, and concerns. The conversation will continue through January 4, 2016! Please read more about how you can participate.

But if you go to the links set up on the district website for the access to session notes, none of them are connected to anything. And the link that invites residents to share their views and concerns goes to an error page.

Try it yourself HERE. We have reached out to the district for comment on this and will advise if they respond.

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