Thursday, November 19, 2015


School district enrollment remains on the rise, according to data released at Mondays' school board meeting, which also indicated redistricting may be needed to combat the problem.

In her annual baseline data budget report, Business Administrator Cheryl Schneider reported that enrollment projections remain high, with Kindergarten rising above expectations.

"With the continued increase in enrollment, we need to consider staffing needs to support the increasing enrollment as well as increased demand in supplies," Schneider wrote in her report. "The continued growth in elementary levels, with significantly larger than anticipated numbers at the Kindergarten level now three years in a row, continue to raise questions about elementary facility needs and questions regarding the need for redistricting, both at the elementary and middle school levels."

She noted that there are 6,880 students in the district, a 13% increase from just eight years ago. And while the number of middle school students is down by 1.7% over last year, and the number of high schoolers has dropped by 1.1%, the number of elementary school students is up by 2.1%, the largest increase since 2010.

In related data, the number of students needing free or reduced lunches is down to about 20% district-wide, but has increased at Seth Boyden School, where it tops 46% of that school's enrollment.

Finally, Schneider's report noted that facility improvements are an issue, not only for growing enrollment, but to keep them up to date.

"The aging school facilities require major investments of resources," she wrote. 

See her report summary HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder is rising enrollment due to an increase in the population of children in town or because more parents in town are sending their kids to public schools.